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Choosing a Website Hosting Provider

Choosing the right web hosting provider is essential to your website’s performance regardless of how you wish to make use of the space. Personal or business websites and blogs all need a reliable web host in order to thrive online. But first, what exactly is a web hosting and why do blogs and websites need it? Basically, a web host is a paid service which would provide you with a space where you might be able to store, maintain and publish the different parts of your website. Now, choosing the right kind of web host provider can be a bit tricky, especially since you’ve got a plethora of choices available. So, what are some of the more important features that you should be looking at? Here’s a quick guide to help you out. 

 1. Look at any discrepancies when it comes to various hosting plans. This includes the features, price and duration. Of course, there’s bound to be differences but you should make sure that the price you’re paying is reasonable when compared to the amount of features that you are being provided with. Check if you are able to store videos or host unlimited domains because these 2 things are also important to a website or a blog.

2. Always check for any extra costs. Sometimes, a hosting provider might appear great at first but if they start asking you for any extra fees that you weren’t told about upfront then you should definitely start looking for a new place to host your website or blog. Extra fees are only okay if you are getting something in return. 

3. Find out what kind of email services you’re bound to get once you sign up with them. Are your provided with a web-based email access?

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Are you provided with autoresponders and forwarders? How many email accounts are they going to give you? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking when it comes to your chosen host’s email management features. After all, websites and blogs need a reliable email service. Autoresponders are especially important because these would enable you to send an “away” message whenever you’re currently unavailable. 

 4. Website Tools – There should be a control panel already included in the hosting package that you’ve chosen. Ask them about their file manager, both the www and non-www access as well as the Fantastico script auto-installer which would come in very handy if you intend on using Joomla or WordPress. 

 5. Speed and traffic – It is crucial to both websites and blogs to have a great amount of traffic going into their websites. However, some web host providers tend to ask for extra fees whenever you exceed your current traffic allotment. So always ask about this beforehand so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised when you have to pay quite a hefty bill.

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